Gender, arts and post-colonial studies

Doctoral Program:

COORDINATOR: Ana Gabriela Macedo

CEHUM Members:

Ana Bessa Carvalho, Ana Gabriela Macedo, Cláudia Rosário, Francesca Rayner, Joana Filipa da Silva de Melo Vilela Passos, Márcia Oliveira, Margarida Esteves Pereira, Maria Amélia Ribeiro de Carvalho, Maria Filomena Pereira Rodrigues Louro, Maria Luisa Coelho, Maria Manuela Costa Silva - Marie-Manuelle Silva , Orquídea Cadilhe, Renata Flaiban Zanete, Rita Xavier Monteiro, Yana Baryshnikova Marques.


Andreia Sarabando (UA), Edma de Góis (Univ. Brasília), Elena Brugioni (Univ. Campinas), Fernanda Benedito (UM), Giulia Lamoni (IHA Univ. Nova de Lisboa), Laura Trivinõ (Univ. de Málaga), Ricardo Rato (Queen Mary, Londres/Univ. de Nottingham), Rui Miranda (Univ. de Nottingham).

GAPS is a transdisciplinary research team coordinated by Ana Gabriela Macedo (Prof.), within the fields of Gender, Arts and Postcolonial Studies, as required epistemological matrixes to approach critically and theoretically a wide variety of languages and practices within the Humanities. GAPS research activities promote a transdisciplinary, heteroglot and transnational dimension, providing counterpoints between the diverse discourses, practices and representations that are the hallmark of contemporaneity.

GAPS integrates junior and senior researchers from diverse scientific areas, whose academic research focuses on a variety of fields, representations, practices and artistic languages, such as: Literature, Visual Arts, Film, Theatre and Performance. The GAPS team relies on the contribution of permanent members, including full Professors, Associate and Assistant Profs; Assistant Researchers; Post-Doctoral members and PhD Students. The team is constituted mainly by researchers from CEHUM but it also integrates researchers – as part-time or visiting researchers – that belong to other national and international research centres, thus contributing to the high level of internationalization of the research produced and the scientific activities developed by GAPS and enabling the creation of institutional collaborations and networks between different universities and research centres, both national and internationally.

The research carried out by GAPS is firmly grounded on the current debates of critical theory, engaging with the contemporary challenges of post-colonial theory and decolonizing practices, the interweaving of aesthetics and politics, literature and its negotiations with history and memory, the theoretical articulation of Gender Studies and its representations, Cinema and Performative Arts. These transdisciplinary approaches which are the hallmark of GAPS research are developed through a number of activities, both academic and scientific but also interacting with society, facing the challenges met by criticism today and the making of academic research in a globalized world.