Research Team on Luso-Asian Studies

COORDINATOR: Anabela Barros

CEHUM Members:

Anabela Leal de Barros, Bruna Patrícia Cardoso Peixoto, João Marcelo Martins, Kuniko Ukai, Ling Li, Sun Lam, Tomoko Yaginuma.


Kuniko Ukai (UM).

With an experienced team in research projects, teaching or supervising dissertations and theses in this area, the team is constituted both by the university teaching staff of the DEA [Department of Asian Studies], and by colleagues who have collaborated with the Master’s Degree in Portuguese/Chinese Intercultural Studies over the years, (both as teachers and supervisors), as well as in the supervision of PhD theses in this field of studies.

The teams’s strongest feature is both interdisciplinarity and interculturality, ranging from philosophy, culture, translation, the teaching of Chinese and Japanese as foreign languages, historical linguistics, corporate communication, comprising countries such as Portugal, China and Japan, with origins of linguistic and socio-cultural, with different linguistic and sociocultural origins.