COORDINATOR: José Teixeira

CEHUM Members:

José de Sousa Teixeira, Kátia Solange Fraifer Palhano Lopes, Kátia Solange Fraifer Palhano Lopes, Maria Aldina Marques, Maria Conceição Varela, Micaela Aguiar, Ndjimi Dumba Watembo Malaka.


Rui Manuel Ramos (UM-IE), Isabel Seara (Universidade Aberta), Yang Xu.

The central core of this research team consists in its focus on discourses as social practices, on language in use, and on its characteristics and mechanisms. Stemming from this teams’s activities, and as an extension of the long initiated and well-established research paths of its members, the latter will give preference to different areas of linguistic activity, research topics and approach methodologies. Initially, PRADIC’s main goal is to create a transdisciplinary dynamics which may, in the future, also materialize as interdisciplinarity.

Thus, the following points are established as research goals:

- To provide an in-depth research of the linguistic communication phenomena as the dynamics that involves a profound interaction between the linguistic and the cognitive structures, as is evinced by the most modern findings in the areas of cognitive sciences.

-To analyse speeches as linguistic social practices, so as to determine the characteristics of the language in use.

- To analyse, describe and explain the discursive characteristics of genres specific to either political or media discourses.

- To analyse the advertising discourse as the convergence in discourse of varied dimensions and techniques: linguistic, cognitive and commercial.

-To research, within the realm/scope of Jurilinguistics, the: (i) legal discourses in French and in Portuguese; comparative Law, simplification of administrative-legal language; (ii) legal multilingualism and translation.

- To research, within the scope of forensic linguistics, the language issue in the legal context and in the context of criminal law.

- To further research speeches in the context of Legal Translation/Interpretation.