Eva-Maria Roessler

Grau académico: Doutoramento

Categoria profissional: Investigador (sem bolsa)

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Telefone: +49.152.51932822


ORCID: 0000-0003-3524-2280

Nota biográfica:

Eva-Maria Roessler is an early career researcher associated to the LTE research group [Linguística Teórica e Experimental] at CEHUM. Her research interests are theoretical linguistics, formal grammar, comparative and diachronic syntax. She also conducts research in the field of endangered language documentation on indigenous languages in Paraguay and Brazil, focussing specifically on the Tupi-Guaraní language family. She also works on aspects of language contact, bilingualism, code-switching and language mixing.

Interesses de investigação:

Formal Grammar, Syntax-Morphology Interface, Language Contact and Creolization, Bilingualism and Code-Switching, Indigenous Languages in South America, Tupi-Guarani Languages, Comparative and Diachronic Syntax.


2018 - PhD in Linguistics (Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem, IEL, UNICAMP, Campinas University, Brazil)

2008 – MA in Linguistics (Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem, IEL, UNICAMP, Campinas University, Brazil)

2005 – BA Program in Linguistics (DAAD exchange, Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem, IEL, UNICAMP, Campinas University, Brazil)

2001-2004 Undergraduate Program in Anthropology and Linguistics (Free University of Berlin)

Experiência profissional:

2008-2014 Associated Researcher – Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Institut für Empirische Sprachwissenschaft, Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main, Germany)


Membro Integrado (LTE - CEHUM, Universidade do Minho)


  • 2012 - 2014 (Membro)

    ALSP – Aché Language Studies Project (2nd Phase DoBeS Project | Funding: DoBeS Program, Volkswagen Foundation)

    ALSP investigates language contact in history and as the result of present-day linguistic/cultural contact and change within the Aché indigenous communities in Paraguay, building upon the linguistic records documented during ADOP. ALSP aimes at the construction of (i) Annotated and Parsed Aché Text Corpora (ii) Parallel Elicitation Corpus of Tupí-Guaraní Subgroups-1 Languages + Several Aché Dialects, (iii) Comparative Lexical Collections on TG-SUB-1 and (iv) The Child Speech Corpus on Aché and Guaraché. Additionally, ALSP engages in interdisciplinary research involving the study of Aché cosmology (Warren Thompson/US) and ethno-botanic studies (Alberto Madroño/Spain). 
    Project Leaders: Prof. Dr. Jost Gippert & Dr. Sebastian Drude (Goethe University Frankfurt Main)Main Researchers: Jan David Hauck, (Linguistic Anthropology; UCLA) & Eva-Maria Rößler (Linguistics, UNICAMP) Research Assistants: Warren Thompson, (Social Anthropology; University of Michigan) & Maria Luisa Freitas (Linguistics, UNICAMP).
  • 2008 - 2012 (Membro)

    ADOP – Aché Language Documentation Project (1st Phase DoBeS Project | Funding: DoBeS Program, Volkswagen Foundation)

    ADOP is a major language documentation project aiming at the multimedia documentation of the indigenous language Aché, spoken by ca. 300 fully competent and 1600 semi speakers in Eastern Paraguay. ADOP collects diverse records on the language, linguistics practice and cultural knowledge. The project focuses on the traditional language of the communities in all its varieties. ADOP implemented the Aché Language Archive hosted at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (MPI, Nijmegen) retrievable at: Data includes audio and video recordings of mythology, life history narratives, cultural practices, procedural texts and traditional songs or wailing. Also included are basic language description (grammar sketch), lexical collections, images and photographic documentation alongside a comprehensive collection of so-called ‘legacy data’ contributed by several researchers and institutions that conducted research among the Aché before ADOP.
    Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Jost Gippert & Dr. Sebastian Drude (Goethe University Frankfurt Main)Main Researchers: Jan David Hauck, (Linguistic Anthropology; UCLA) & Eva-Maria Rößler (Linguistics, UNICAMP) Research Assistant: Warren Thompson, (Social Anthropology; University of Michigan)



Capítulos em livros

  • Roessler, Eva-Maria. 2019. Differential Marking and Object Scrambling in the Guaraní Language Cluster. In:  Irimia, Monica Alexandrinha  and Pineda, Anna (eds) Differential objects and dative: A homophonous class?, International Journal of Linguistics and Language Resources. Lingvisticæ Investigationes 42:1, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 32–55.

Outras publicações

  • in press (2018).  Syntactic Effects of Inflectional Morphology Restructuring in Aché — On Language Change and Language Contact in Tupi-Guarani Subgroup-1, PhD Thesis, Campinas University, Campinas, Brazil.
  • Roessler, Eva-Maria; Hauck, Jan David; Thompson, Warren. 2010. A Multimedia Documentation and Linguistic Corpus of the Aché Language. Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Nijmegen. Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


  • 2008. Aspectos da Gramâtica Achê. MA Thesis, Campinas University, Brazil.


Participação em eventos

  • Colóquio/Congresso (Por convite)

    2018. Concordância e Argumentos Nulos em Línguas Tupi-Guarani – Algumas Observações sobre o Parâmetro de Sujeito Nulo. In: Coloquios de Sintaxe, Acquisição e Mudança do ForMA, IEL UNICAMP, Campinas/Brazil.

  • Colóquio/Congresso (Por convite)

    2017. (& Marilin Rehnfeldt) Una Experiencia de Documentación Lingüística de Lenguas Indígenas del Paraguay por los propios hablantes (DOLLIP) Curso de formación docente indígena, DGEEI, del Ministerio de Educación del Paraguay. Asunción/Paraguay.

  • Curso breve/Workshop

    2015. On Differential Object Marking & Object Scrambling in Aché and the Guarani-cluster: Discussing Grammar Change for Tupi-Guarani Subgroup-1. Paper presented at: Workshop Estudos em Teoria da Gramática; Institute of Language Studies, Campinas University, Campinas/Brazil.

  • Curso breve/Workshop

    2015. On Object Scrambling in Aché and the Guaraní cluster – Discussing Morphological Richness and Syntactic Change in Tupí-Guaraní. Poster presented at: ECR Workshop – The New Historical Linguistics and the World of Annotated Corpora. Campinas University, Campinas/Brazil.

  • Colóquio/Congresso (Por convite)

    2014. La Marcación de Objectos Directos en Guaraní y Aché. Paper Presented at ‘Abertura LAB-Delci’. Universidad Católica de Asunción/ Paraguay.

  • Colóquio/Congresso

    2014. (& Noel Gasparini & Swintha Danielsen). The Southern Clade of Tupi-Guarani Languages: Adpositional Issues. Paper Presented at: Amazonicas V, Belem do Pará/ Brazil.

  • Colóquio/Congresso

    2013. (& Maria Luisa Freitas) On Null-Arguments in Aché and Guaraní. Paper presented at CILLA VI - 6th Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America, Panel 6A - Syntax. Austin: Austin University /US.

  • Seminário (Por convite)

    2013. Syntactic Change and Morphological Restructuring in Aché. Paper presented at: Field Linguistics Talk Series. Department of Linguistics. Rochester University / US.